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Like Netflix? Then get ready to prove it by sharing your film interests with your social network. Netflix is looking to hire a “Facebook Integration — Engineer / Architect” into its new Social Systems engineering team. According to the open position posted to the Netflix jobs board, the senior web engineer will, “conceive and build the systems that enable Netflix applications and systems to use the social graph to create a more social Netflix experience” Specifically, the ideal new hire should be familiar with Facebook’s Open Graph API to build a customer-facing service. It’s just a guess, but we’d expect this to ultimately allow Netflix subscribers and wannabes to like, view and filter Netflix offerings based upon their social input and preferences. Interesting, because Netflix abandoned its homegrown Friends feature earlier this year.

Now if you could watch Netflix right from the Facebook site there would be no reason to ever leave the site. It’s not like your TV doesn’t miss you already. Now this. In other news Hulu held a press conference to say in the future they to will have Facebook integrating. In other words “me too”

[via:  Engadget]

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