Set guidelines and rules 
Look if someone says they love you and you have not had a talk about being in a relationship; chances are they never will be in a relationship with you. Why? Most likely you are already sleeping with them and are committed to them because they used the words “I love you.” Newsflash, they’re not committed to you in anyway shape or form. Until you have a title other than friend. That will be what others know you as and what your non committed partner sees you as. You have to set guidelines as to what you will accept from a person. If you are alright and can justify to yourself that being friends with benefits to someone you love is acceptable then so be it. Most people cannot so set some ground rules that can not be crossed. These rules are for you to live by. They’re to keep you in check.


Main Entry: asinine
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: senseless
Synonyms: absurd, cretinous, daftfoolish, half-witted,idioticinanemoronicsillysophomoricstupid