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It’s winter time, and while spring is just around the corner, we’re knee deep in that winter slump.  The holidays are behind us, and the weekends are filled with a lot of staying indoors.  So why not check out one of these great movie trailers?  You will have to wait for them to be released, but these will get your movie juices flowing, regardless.


Tyler Perry’s latest film brings the Empire Golden Glove winner, Taraji P. Henson to the big screen as Melinda.  Melinda is a faithful wife to her husband Robert, played by Lyriq Bent.  But Robert has been leading a double life.  When it becomes clear that Robert has turned his back on Melinda and their life together, Melinda brings the vengeance.  There is a saying “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, and that’s exceptionally true of this movie.  Not only that, but it’s also the tagline for this film.  With Acrimony, we get to see Henson in a somewhat similar role to Proud Mary.  While not exactly the same, but the idea of a strong female character is prominent in both films.  And, of course, Henson stars in both.

Deadpool 2

Cable is ready for his onscreen debut.  The Deadpool 2 trailer has revealed footage of Josh Brolin in character as Cable.  Brolin documented his physical transformation to play Cable through social media posts, showing off his gym routine. This clip, starts off with a close up of Cable’s cybernetic eye. As is to be expected, the new trailer has its quirks as Deadpool pauses footage of Cable to play with miniature action figures.  In addition to Ryan Reynolds in the titular role and Brolin as Cable, Morena Baccarin returns as Vanessa, TJ Miller as Weasel and Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead in the David Leitch-directed film.

Life of the Party

The last time Melissa McCarthy and Maya Rudolph teamed up was in the 2011 movie, Bridesmaid.  The two have expanded their comedy careers in some pretty hilarious ways – both on the big and small screens.  If you’ve been waiting for the two of them to work together again, your wish has finally been granted.  McCarthy and Rudolph will appear in Life of the Party later in the year.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

When news landed that there was going to be a Han Solo prequel movie, a lot of people were not happy.  But I think people overreacted.  The trailer for the film looks surprisingly good.  I also think a lot of people are going to have a problem with the fact that Han Solo has only ever been played by Harrison Ford.  But Alden Ehrenreich looks kinda cool in the firm.  What might persuade people is that it’s been co-written by Lawrence Kasdan and his son.  Kasdan co-wrote The Empire Strikes Back with George Lucas and Leigh Brackett.  He was also one of the main writers on Return of the Jedi and partnered with J.J. Abrams on The Force Awakens.  So he’s familiar with the Star Wars’ films from a writing perspective.


The first trailer for this movie is lacking a bit.  It stars Tom Hardy in the title role as the Spider-Man villain.  The sad part is that it doesn’t leave us curious at all.  Instead, we just get a couple of minutes of generic movie action shots – cars exploding, people running etc.  While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means that we’re not getting what we expected to out of the trailer.  Sony needs this movie to go well, and while I think it will, I’m not sure that other people are convinced.  The past few Spider-Man movies were a bit lacklustre, so I hope this has what it takes to be a hit.