I have had people asking me all day is there room from more than one installer program for the iOS. The answer is yes and much needed at this point. I like many were very disappointed when Rock was brought by Cydia. There were features that were implemented in Rock that have to this day yet to show up in cydia. Just think how help it would have been to have somewhere else to do the days when cydia was down due to cloud issues.

At one point there were three options to choose from; Rock, Cydia and Icy. The last one in seemed to lack polish of the others but nevertheless worked. Infini Dev Team has taken over support of Icy from  Ripdev. The have even been able to get it to work on the iPad  with firmware iOS 4.3.2.

That was just practice for the team as they are also about to release Lima. A  installer that works over the  Safari browser. A first of its kind.  The benefits of this method are no need to install an installer to install hacks.  All you would have to do is open safari, go to the website and that would be your package installer. This is a great concept that I see working very well.

By Rubens Saintel

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