1 vs 100

1 vs 100
I have never been a real big fan of Arcade games. That all changed after playing this game. Unlike other people, I had no problem getting into a game session. There are some things you should know ahead of time. Do not listen to Microsoft. They tell you to be ready to play just five minutes before a session. That is not going to work; you need to be into the lobby at least twenty minutes ahead of time. You must also be a gold member to try out the demo. It is helpful if you set a reminder.

Now on to the game review. When you are at the lobby the game will automatically pick your destination. 1 vs. 100 players nationwide compete against each other during a live event at scheduled times on Friday and Saturday nights for a 13-week season once the Beta season ends. You will be a member of the crowd, mob or The One. You can only be a member of the Mob just once per show that night. The One only one time the whole season and the mob anytime. Which when you think about it will be most of the time. I was a member of the Mob at first. Soon as you get wrong answer you become a member of the crowd.

The questions were relatively easy at first but they got hard real quick. Don’t even think about cheating by using Google or the internet. The questions come and go way to fast for that kind of nonsense. You are paired up with 3 other players to help so even it is 1 vs. 100 you never really feel like it. Never the less the host makes you feel like you are in a Sprint Theater.

The game itself takes place in the Sprint Theater, named after the game’s primary sponsor. The outside of the theater has the Sprint logo on the building. Inside, Sprint signage lines the walls like HD TV’s in a sports bar. The lighting behind the mob bleachers will flash Sprint yellow.
Despite that the game is in a word very very “Impressive.”

By Rubens Saintel

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