NBA Finals 2009

Magic vs Lakers

Anyone that knows me knows that it is very hard for me to admit that I was wrong. Well world here you go. I may have been wrong. But it really wasn’t my fault. I like every other sports fan was lead to believe something that seem to be a given. Somehow that did not happen. The magic upset the Cavs and in the process killed the superstar show down. No Kobe vs. LeBron. Just Kobe and the best equipped team in basketball at the moment vs. lucky upstarts of the Orlando Magic.

Los Angeles is up 3-1, its elimination time for Orlando Magic. Everyone has counted them out in each series. Can the Magic pull off one more win to take the series back to LA? Or, will they have to watch Kobe Bryant and his crew celebrate on their home floor? I think they can win this game and I think the Lakers will come out with energy but it won’t be enough. There is no way the Magic let the Lakes win in their home. They have too much pride. Then again I have been wrong before. We’ll see tonight.

By Rubens Saintel

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