Now what is the main thing on everyones mind? After the fall of the Kings of the west it seems that there are a lot of questions all of the sudden. It’s not even that they lost. Humm, yeah it’s because they lost but its the way they lost. They were blown away in the final game. Odom was ejected fine I can deal with that.  It was the heat of the moment. Ejections happen. Now the one that happen with Lakers’ center Andrew Bynum was not called for. It was a  the exit of a coward and say what you will about the Lakers. One thing they are not are quitters or cowards. What Bynum did was not Laker like at all.

The game was over by halftime but great teams play through the last second is off the clock. I am not a fan of Kobe because he is very arrogant and selfish but he played hard for the whole game. His team mates let him down and embarrassed the organization. This is not the way one of he greatest coaches in history should have went out of the game. The question remains. Now what?

Here is  what the analysis are saying.  There will be trades a plenty. There will be a rebuilding around the star players. That is not to say everyone is safe on the team. Kobe is the only safe bet. Everyone knows that the Lakers will trade anyone to get Dwight Howard. The only problem is that Howard and the Orlando Magic know it too. That will make getting him a big challenge.  Andrew Bynum has been hurt almost every year he has been on the team. So he will not be a big lost. Fisher is getting old. Wait sorry, Fisher is already old. So although still a quality player. He too can be given up. Pau Gasol  and Odom are going to be hard to let go of. That is not to say it can’t happen if the right offer comes with Howard.

That is the team setup but who will be taking over as coach? That is up in the air and anyone’s guess.

By Rubens Saintel

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