Lets start this with some facts. I do my facts with Pros vs. Cons list. It helps me see the bigger picture.


  • Hulu Plus has a great list of shows and movies from top networks and studios. (More shows than Netflix)
  • Hulu Plus cost only $7.99 (Same as Netflix)
  • Hulu Plus works with Xbox 360, iPad & PS3 (when Sony is not down)


  • Hulu Plus has this little thing called commercials. (Netflix has no such annoyance)
  • Hulu Plus content does not all work. There are web only content that only works on, well the web
  • Hulu Plus is not on nearly as many devices as Netflix yet

Three cons may not sound like a lot but if one pays for a services than there should not be commercials. That is the whole point of paying for the new age of media content. It’s so you can control your own content. It is because of that single reason I will let the free week of Hulu Plus run out. It just takes away from the experience when a commercial pops up that you can’t skip. I feel like I am in the stone ages. When put up right next to Netflix Hulu Plus is not a winner here. Not yet anyway.

Only Xbox Live Gold members who pay the $60 yearly subscription fee will be able to use it. They’ll also have to subscribe to Hulu Plus at a cost of $8 a month. While PlayStation 3 users can use Hulu Plus for free. It’s a better deal than Microsoft’s offer. On iPad it’s a free app that works very well. Back to the Xbox 360 it seems that the implementation of a full controller-free Kinect future is just that. In the future. The motion controller can only be used to browse through a small selection of “popular” shows on Hulu Plus. You can’t search or view your queue using the Kinect. You will find that adding to your queue will be best done on the PC.

When it comes down to it Hulu Plus is a great service. Although since it is a paid subscription service, only the web site should be supported by advertising.  My shows and movies should not be interrupted by frequent commercials.

By Rubens Saintel

Proud father, #Haitian, photographer, consultant, writer & entrepreneur. I love video games, movies, plays, technology (surprise), beta testing apps and all things sci-fi. SaintelDaily.com |AppleWatch101.com | NBA101.com

3 thoughts on “Hulu Plus vs. Netflix: There can only be one”
  1. Bring out a $15 a month plan with no commercials and I will sign up instantly. Keep commercials compulsory and I will NEVER sign up.

  2. You now need to add that last October, Netflix was $7.99 for the streaming PLUS one physical DVD out at a time, then before the end of Fall, it was changed to $9.99 for that service, and THIS September, that service is going up to $15.99 So they raised their fees by ONE HUNDRED PERCENT for their basic service in less than a year.

    I’d rather have the commercials, so I’ve switched to Hulu Plus (and am going to Redbox and Family Video for my physical DVD needs). Hulu Plus also carries ONGOING shows (the day after they air), whereas Netflix does not. Hulu Plus also has the ENTIRE Criterion Collection of the critic- and industry-favorite films in history, remastered more meticulously than any other DVD release, all available for streaming.

    And the commercial breaks are each only one 30-second advertisement or two 15-second ones, and the majority of them are for non-profit groups and causes, which is very refreshing to see.

    I also use a Roku box to get the streaming video from either Netflix or Hulu Plus to my television, with no fee/subscription for that.

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