Instagram is a really hot social networking platform, isn’t it?  Think about all the great content that you find on Instagram.  I find that I can get sucked into any number of rabbit holes, which makes going on the app kind of overwhelming at times.  This also means that you might have some trouble getting your brand out there.  There are so many people trying to accomplish similar goals on Instagram, that it makes it difficult for you to single yourself out as an individual.  Never fear, Saintel Daily has compiled some tips for those of you who want to have a bigger impact on your Instagram feed.


High-Quality Images

This goes without saying, but you want to make sure that you are using high-quality images in your Instagram posts.  Your images reflect your brand identity.  The images should also match your ability to tell your story because of the color, image type, and the overall quality.  Having bright colors, and bold graphics will help display your overall theme.  When people scroll through their feed, these kinds of factors will make it look professional, enticing and therefore people will want to be involved.


Re-Targeting Ad Campaigns

One of the things that many brands don’t take part in is what is known as a re-targeting campaign.  These campaigns focus on individuals who have actually visited the site during a previous campaign but didn’t make a purchase (or get involved in some way).  This kind of campaign could entice those same individuals to visit again and then finally buy whatever they were looking for.  Instagram ads and retargeting campaigns will also make it much easier to see exactly who is enjoying what kind of content they are seeing from your brand.


Connect and Engage with Influencers

Influencers are social media celebrities. They have a large following and they work with brands to sell their products to their audience.  There are usually very specific about what brands they work with, but they are an incredible asset to have when trying to push a new product to your audience.  When you connect with social media influencers, you’ll have the opportunity to benefit from each other – which can be a win-win situation overall.


Showcase Your Products

People are afraid to buy items on the internet.  But they shouldn’t be.  It’s 2018, after all, and while I don’t know the exact number, I would say a good percentage of purchases are made online.  But, in order to get people to your site, you have to build trust.  You have to prove that your product or service is worth buying.  You need to shoot professional videos or gifs of the product so you can showcase your product in action. This will clear up any misunderstandings people might have had about the product as well.

Instagram product review

Honest Reviews

When you get influencers to work with you and your brand, you need to make sure that you encourage them to make honest reviews.  Don’t just pay them to promote your product.  Tell them that you’re paying them to be honest and to give their real opinion about using the product.  When an influencer creates content that’s honest, even if they have a little criticism, it will show their audience that they’re being real about the product, which is much more enticing than some influencer being fake about the whole thing.

Instagram is a place where you can share some pretty amazing content.  It’s also an opportunity for your business to thrive.  We at Saintel Daily hope that you’ve gained some knowledge from this post and can use it towards your Instagram strategy.

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