Tonight is a night of first for many reasons. 1st this is the Heats first run at a championship with some real help for Dwyane Wade since Shaq came over. This is the 1st series where LeBron James does not have to put a team on his back.  It’s also the first time where Derrick Rose will feel out matched.

Let me clear something up. I am a Bulls fan. I have loved the Bulls before they won their 1st championship.  I am also a realist. The Bulls have one great player that can take over a game and give you at the most 40 points. The Bulls have a lot of role players but no support system for their young Superstar. As good as MVP Derrick Rose is he can not do what a more talented LeBron James failed to do in Cleveland. He can not win an NBA Championship on his own.


That being said the fate of the whole NBA is resting on this series that is best out of 7. Who ever does win this series will win the ring. Neither team has to worry about powerhouse Orlando or Lakers or Spurs. All teams with a big inside presence in the form of a strong center or big forward. Just a big body in general blocking that lane for easy dunks and layups.  Point guards will have a field day on the court. Fast breaks will be a plenty. Or so we hope. Truth of the matter is these game may end up being pure clinics on defense. Both teams play it well. The difference maker is going to be in the numbers games. 3 vs. 1 (really 2 vs. 1 Bosh is not a Superstar)

The NBA championship is the Miami Heats to give away. They are the only ones that can stand in their way. Lucky thing for Bulls fans such as myself is that, the Heat do just that very often. The series will go to 6 Heat win last game by 5. Place your bets now.

By Rubens Saintel

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