Ask Coach Vinny Del Negro if the Chicago Bulls had a chance to beat the Miami Heat tonight and he would have had said “What you talking about?”  As a loyal fan I wanted the Bulls to win. As a coach Vinny Del Negro has no choice but to say the Bulls would win. As a fan we have no choice but to say the Bulls would win. As a realist you have to look at the players and the stats.

On paper the Bulls should not win any of the games. Instead they should be swept. Then there is this funny thing called life. Life if not played on paper. In life things happen. The Bulls took out the Heat in game one because of how they played the whole year. They played as a team. Everyone played a part. The other part is Bosh. When Bosh scores 30 and James scores 15 that is a problem.

The Big 2 did not come to play Sunday night. James and Wade hardly played after halftime. The score was tied up at the Half. After halftime it was the Bosh show. He scored most of the points for his team. That would work in T. Dot but not in Miami. In Miami James and Wade are the ones that need to score the high number of points because it helps others get into the game. That did not happen so the Heat lost.

Now Heat fans before you get all upset just know as I stated before you all will win the series. The Heat will take it in 6 as I stated before. The Heat have to win at least one in the windy city though. I am still one of those looking at what the paper says. It’s going to take some work to look past that. For now it’s Bulls all the way.

By Rubens Saintel

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