If you find yourself with nothing to do on the weekend, you might want to try multiplayer games.  You don’t have to settle for the obvious ones either – Call of Duty or FIFA.  Thanks to all the gamers out there, there is a resurgence and emergence of epic-scale games in the battle royale genre.  That said, there are so many games out there, it’s hard to know which one to start with.  With that in mind, we’ve picked some of the best games to help you, in case you’re suffering from decision fatigue.


Any chef will tell you that working in a restaurant is the ultimate test of teamwork.  So just imagine what it would be like if the kitchen floor was covered in slippery ice or separated by two moving cars. Gordon Ramsay doesn’t have to deal with these kinds of challenges, but you and your friends will in Overcooked.  With tensions bubbling and failure only one burnt hamburger away, it’s imperative that you communicate with your friends to get all the meal orders fulfilled properly before your customers get restless.  This is both an incredibly stressful and also a hilarious game.


This version of battle royale started as a free-to-play update to a relatively unnoticed game.  But it has turned into one of the most popular games right now and within the genre.  The idea is the same as it always has been: be the last person (or team) left standing.  You can use whatever weapons you are able to gather in order to hunt down up to 100 other players.  All while trying to stay in the ever-decreasing safe zone.


One of the newest members of PlayStation’s Play-Link family, you don’t need a DualShock to play Frantics – you use your smartphone instead. While this does result in rather clunky touchscreen-controls it also makes the game more approachable to the entire family, so even grandpa or your seven-year-old has a chance of victory. From go-kart racing to bomb-hurling warfare, Frantics is made up of 15 mini-games where you compete for crowns to give you the advantage in the grand finale. This is probably the closest thing you’ll get to Mario Party on the PS4, but thanks to its own wacky cast of characters and its creative backstabbing challenges, it never once feels like a cheap imitation. It could do with more content given the price though, as after a few rounds things start to get repetitive.

Towerfall Ascension

Towerfall Ascension is a 2D arrow-blitzing battle royale that might look simple on the surface (especially with its retro graphics), but the capability to catch arrows in the air is kind of challenging.  It’s this kind of feature that adds a layer of depth.  But even if you’re just looking for a game to entertain you, there is enough on-screen carnage to keep you returning time and time again.  After all, nothing beats pinning your best friend’s character to a wall, with a long distance shot from the far side of the map.  I mean, if you’re into that kind of thing.


Don’t let the cute artwork fool you, this is a difficult game. Also, a bit weird, as the heads are made of cups.  Unfortunately, having a friend join you in this quest, won’t make it any easier.  In fact, it might make it worse as you might have to help rescue your friend.  This is a 2D, side-scrolling run and gun game, which is difficult (as I said), but also incredibly fun.


Team-based shooters with personality were few and far between before Blizzard gave it a go. Overwatch is the result: a hectic and fiercely competitive 6 versus 6 battle for supremacy where no two characters play the same. Because each hero has a unique set of abilities and attacks (and you can only have one of each hero per team) you’ve got to balance your own skills with the needs of the group. Teamwork is key to victory, making this a great pick to play with friends. Voice chat is most definitely advised.