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In part two, we explore more multi-player games.  I mean, who doesn’t love a little Mario Kart, especially when you can battle it out with a friend?  Or, maybe Player Unknown Battleground is more your thing.  Whatever type of game you’re into, we’ve got it on one of these lists.

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter is the type of game that allows you to work with your friends, instead of working against them.  In this game, you will be taking down some pretty crazy beasts that range from a fire-breathing wyvern to a thunder-powered unicorn.  While you could take down these critters by yourself, fighting in a group of friends is much more interesting (and fun).  It also alleviates the repetitiveness of beating each beast over and over again.  Unlike in some other games, having a friend along for the ride doesn’t take away from the challenge.  In fact, you’ll get a health boost for every ally that you have fighting on your side.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo 5: Guardians was kind of a letdown, and it couldn’t quite live up to the series’ long-established brilliance.  This wasn’t a good place for Microsoft to leave Halo, but there are four other games on Xbox One as well.  The Master Chief Collection is full of multiplayer antics, packing in 100+ maps across the games, which are playable both online and off.  The older games are a bit outdated at this point, but the allure of the game will never fade, which makes The Master Chief Collection one for you to play this weekend, regardless.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

If you’ve got a Switch, then you need Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.  And if you don’t have a Switch, you might want to consider it for this game alone.  This is Mario Kart, after all.  The Mario Kart formula has been long established, and MK8’s anti-gravity track segments aren’t as innovative as it might sound.  But they’ve enabled Nintendo to do some pretty brilliant things with these courses.  Not only that, but Deluxe adds in the brilliant DLC that was sold separately on the Wii U.  Whether you’re playing this online, or split screen, this is one that you can play forever.

Splatoon 2

Splatoon takes the realistic firearms of squad-based shooters and swaps them out for paint rollers, ink-spitting squirt guns and all other fun (and PG) ways to dominate.  In Splatoon, the primary goal isn’t to kill your enemies, it’s to paint the majority of the ground in a level.  This is why I love Nintendo – they take the concepts from other, more M-rated games, and applies them to a concept that is more acceptable for everyone to play.  This particular game might seem weird and cartoonish, but it’s also extremely smart and strategic.


Do you remember Punch-Out!! from way back in the day?  Well, Nintendo’s boxing classic takes on a whole new spin in Arms.  Arms is a game that features super-hero looking fighters with spring loaded limbs that can shoot across a room.  It’s an odd one, for sure, but the Wii-like motion controls for throwing punches makes it an extremely fun multiplayer experience.  Anyone can hop online and start trading blows with real-life swings, or if you grab an extra pair of Joy-Cons, you can get a two-player brawl going in your very own house.  Just keep a little distance, and use the wrist straps (seriously).

Gang Beasts

We dare you to play Gang Beasts without cracking a smile, let alone a full-on, teeth-baring grin. Just one look at the game ought to tell you why: it stars spongy, Claymation-like sack fighters from a place that is unnervingly called Beef City. You’ll brawl with up to four players on a Ferris wheel, atop moving trucks, and in other hilariously dangerous settings, as the colorful, yet dopey-looking heroes bash each other to a pulp. Whether you’re here for an all-out fight, a brawler-tinged take on football, or wave-based co-op action, Gang Beasts defines dumb fun – dumb, hilarious, button-mashing fun.

Player Unknown Battleground

This wasn’t the original take on Battle Royale, but it was the game that made everyone sit up and take notice.  Battlegrounds drops you, and up to 100 other players onto a massive island, with a ton of guns, gear, and vehicles.  There can only be one winner, and everyone only gets one life.  So you have got to take out as many enemies as you can without taking a bullet yourself.  The safe zone slowly shrinks and forces everyone to make their way across the map towards a final showdown and eventually – victory.

Rocket League

Rocket League is one of the most irresistible multiplayer experiences anywhere.  The game is a bit complicated, but that doesn’t take away from how much fun it is.  The rocket-powered rides can vault into the air to slam in shots from above, or block opposing volleys.  But the three-on-three battle scales perfectly.  It’s just as much fun even if you never do leave the ground. You can change to basketball, hockey, or any arcade-like variants and you’ll see why the fun never ends!

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