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stephen king

All of the Stephen King fans out there must be really excited these days.  Not only has Media Rights Capital revealed that it will commission a 10-episode adaptation of the crime thriller “The Outsider”, but there are a lot of King’s works being remade for television and film.  Not all of these are new exactly, but it’s just a testament to the quality of his work.  If you’ve forgotten, we will remind you of all the great Stephen King Adaptations available for your viewing pleasure.

It: Chapter 2

The follow up to the 2017 adaptation will focus on the segments of King’s novel that follow the members of the Losers Club as adults.  This is decades after their traumatic childhood encounter with the demonic clown Pennywise.  The sequel will be directed by Andy Muschietti (the same director who directed Chapter 1) and they are currently in the process of casting some really great stars to play the grown-up versions of first film’s younger characters.

the long walk

The Long Walk

New Line recently got James Vanderbilt to produce and write the screenplay for the adaptation of the 1979 dystopian novel. It will be set in a future American where 100 teens are picked to take part in a grueling march that only ends when a single kid is left alive.  I’ve always wondered where King gets his inspiration to write all these incredible stories.


James Wan (Aquaman) will direct his take on King’s novel, which is about an alien spacecraft that crash lands and casts a dark shadow over a quiet New England town.  Universal Studios won the rights to this latest adaptation a few months ago.  It should be noted that ABC turned it into a miniseries in the 90s.  I am definitely looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.

the talisman

The Talisman

Universal has been sitting on the rights to adapt this novel for a while.  The story is about a young boy who treks across a fantastical alternate America in order to find the talisman.  It’s in the hopes of being able to heal his cancer-stricken mother.  Why has Universal been sitting on this?  In the hopes that one day Stephen Spielberg would direct it.  35 years later, Spielberg says that he’s finally looking to take on the project, but nothing has been confirmed just yet.

doctor sleep

Doctor Sleep

Earlier this year, Warner Bros. had announced that it was fast-tracking an adaptation to King’s sequel to the Shining.  This story picks up decades after the events of The Shining take place.  It also sees mysterious supernatural threaten to test the psychic abilities of a middle-aged Danny Torrance.  Torrance, as it turns out, could be played by Ewan McGregor. Since I’m a huge fan of McGregor, this might be one more reason to check this out.

Suffer the Little Children

Suffer the Little Children was announced almost immediately after It opened last year. Sean Carter will write and direct this adaptation, which is about a teacher trying to figure out if her young students are actually human or not.

Pet Semetary

This is one that I could never get into.  Horror has never really been my favorite genre, but there’s something about Stephen King that makes it “ok” for some reason.  That said, Pet Semetary will be coming to the big screen.  Almost 30 years after Mary Lambert’s beloved take on King’s 1983 novel about a pet cemetery, where things just won’t stay dead, Paramount has given the green light to get this project made.

joe hill

Snapshot 1988

While this isn’t technically a Stephen King adaptation, it is based on the short story by King’s son – Joe Hill.  It was first published in Cemetary Dance back in 2016.  Regardless, it’s a story set in the 1980s about a young boy who is encountering a mysterious man.  This man can steam memories with a camera, and well, even if it isn’t a Stephen King novel, it wreaks of his style.

in the tall grass

In the Tall Grass

Joe Hill, teamed up with his father back in 2012 to write this novel, that is about two siblings who investigate a sinister field after hearing the cries of a little boy from within.  The great thing about this?  It’s going to debut on Netflix and star James Marsden.