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Space Force Will Allow U.S. To Fight Enemies In Space

star trek
By adding another branch to the military, Donald Trump will be able to fight U.S. enemies in space - and he's getting backing from NASA!

star trek

You’ve all heard by now that President Donald Trump has given direction for a sixth military branch to be created.  This particular branch would focus entirely on space.  But what you might not know is that the NASA is backing it.  Before I get into that too much further, you should know that Jim Bridenstine is the NASA administrator, and there’s no surprise that he was selected by Trump himself.  In an interview, Bridenstine had indicated that space is becoming more contested and that the United States has to be willing to defend itself.  But is that really the case?

Wildly dubbed as “Space Force”, it would join as another branch of the military.  The Air Force currently has a Space Command division, but it only oversees space-based military operations.  Space Force is much cooler and will allow Donald Trump to fight his enemies in space.  Maybe I’m too much of a hippy, but why do we have so many enemies to start with? And why are they now in space? Ever since Donald Trump became president, the number of enemies that the United States has seems to have increased.  Is that a coincidence?  Certainly not.

star trek

Will this even work?  Congress took steps to form this branch last year, but ultimately the idea was shot down.  I mean, it kind of sounds a bit like Star Wars, doesn’t it? Did Trump come up with this idea after watching Star Wars?  I mean, come on. Why did it get rejected in the first place?  Well, perhaps because it wasn’t crazy enough.  In fact, the White House and the Pentagon were both against the bill.  In that proposal, it was going to be called Space Corps and would sit within the Air Force, like it does now.  But a beefier version.  That said, Secretary of Defense James Mattis wrote letters to the Senate Armed Services Committees opposing the creation of a new branch.

So what will this become? If anything?  Or is this another detraction from everything else that’s happening as a result of Donald Trump?  What’s funny is that Trump is quoted as saying that the Air Force and Space Force would be “separate but equal”.  I wonder if Trump knows what that actually means?  Sure, people use this term in their everyday vernacular, but when it comes from the President of the United States, it has meaning.  Which is what, you ask?

star trek

Separate but equal was a legal doctrine used in the United States that indicated that racial segregation didn’t violate the Fourteenth Amendment. It guaranteed equal protection under the law to all citizens, but ultimately it’s what led to segregation.  While I’m not saying that Trump is trying to make this racial.  I highly doubt that he even realized it was even a legal doctrine to begin with, but I guess my point is that no one is reading his speeches in advance of him giving them.

Of course, that’s not news, but it kind of makes him look foolish.  Or does it?  I mean, what’s worse – the fact that he doesn’t understand American history or the fact that he wants to bring a Space Force to the military?  And how much will this cost?  Also, if there is such a concern about enemies in space, why haven’t we heard about it before now?  Regardless of this, I cannot wait to see if and when Space Force comes to a screen… I mean, comes before Congress.

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