This is it. It all has come down to two game sevens for the Miami Heat. They are in a fight for their lives. The NBA would have a classic super team if they win. The same can not be said if the Dallas Mavericks win. Everyone gunning for the Heat. Although they are not as hated the old time Bad Boys of Detroit. They are never the less hated.

From the start the Dallas Mavericks have been a  favorite among NBA analyst, fans and those that play the game. One can just take a look at Twitter feeds and trends to see who people really want to win the game. Technology has played a great part in the sport more so than ever. With two minutes left in each quarter the referees are able to review certain calls to make sure they were the right ones. Shaq just ended his NBA career on a social media site.

The Dallas Mavericks were brought by a man who made his fortune from the great  internet boom of the 90’s. Their lockers are all teched out with HDTV’s and DVR’s so they can replay parts of any game. What does that have to do with winning the Finals. It helps them be prepared for games and get instant access at key moments. They can go into halftime review plays on video rather than on paper. Make changes that affect points on the floor.

Tonight everyone knows what needs to happen.  James has to play like we all know he can. I think he got use to not being the main focus on the team. It is not like it use to be in Cleveland. He does not have to score 70% of his teams points to win. That being said in Miami he needs to score at least 30. That is something he has not done this whole series. Look for James to be more focused this game. Look for him go to the basket hard and often. When he does that the air space will open up for shots. The only risk is that he may become a ball hog with all the pressure.

For Dallas to win all they have to do is what they have been doing. Force double teams and pass out to the open man for an open shot. Also more pick and rolls for Dirk. defensively they need to play more full court to stop the fast breaks.

By Rubens Saintel

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