Stock apps come a dime a dozen in the iOS world. What makes one better than the next is in the details and information it provides to the end user. While Seasonalysis is for that hard core trader. Daily Stocks is for the every man that also wants to make some money using the most reliable information out there. Enter my new favorite go to stock app; Daily Stocks is easy to use and makes investing a breeze for those that are new to it and has a host of features for season veterans.

It has three key features: Stock Scans which lists stocks that meet 56 conditions. It covers moving average, MACD, stochastic crossovers, gaps and more. Japanese Candlesticks patterns for three categories; bullish, bearish and indecision signals. Overextended Stocks which lists the most oversold and overbought stocks compared to its price and moving average spreads. One thing about this app that I love is that it has almost zero load time. There is no spinning circle. It’s almost like the data is cached somehow. I took the time to ask MissingSTEP, the makers of the app some of your questions.

Rubens Saintel: Where did the idea for Daily Stocks come from?
MissingSTEP: Most of the valuable investment tools are provided by big brokerage firms and financial institutions. These companies charge premium prices for these services. They either charge high subscription fees or they require minimum account balances. The idea behind Daily Stocks was to build an inexpensive application that consists of investment tools that help the investors make informative decisions. And that is exactly what we did. Daily Stocks reduces the information overload by filtering the stock market to a manageable size. There is no unnecessary information; it is an easy to use, to the point app that is designed for every level of investor.

Rubens Saintel: How many worked to develop Daily Stocks?
MissingSTEP:  Most of the work was done by a team of five; two traders, one mathematician and two iOS programmer.

Rubens Saintel: Will the app be on other platforms?
MissingSTEP: We would like to reach more users but we don’t want to do it too soon. There are still some features we would like to add to the current app before we invest money in preparing the app for other platforms.

Rubens Saintel: What are the future plans for the app?
MissingSTEP: We would like to add social networking components to the application; the idea is to help investors share trading ideas with other investors.

Rubens Saintel: What sets your app apart from the other Stocks apps out there?
MissingSTEP: There are three main differences between other stock market apps and Daily Stocks 1) Daily Stocks is an analysis tool, not a portfolio tracker or a charting tool like most others 2) It is designed for all levels of investors. If you are a professional trader you can use to app in your day trading and if you are just a beginner, you can use the app as a learning tool. 3) Even though the app is designed for swing traders, you can still find stock ideas for longer and shorter term trades.

Rubens Saintel: How MissingSTEP come together?
MissingSTEP: No answer for you here, it just did 🙂

Rubens Saintel: How many developers are at MissingSTEP?
MissingSTEP: Currently there are four developers with some subcontractors.

Rubens Saintel: What can we expect next from MissingSTEP?
MissingSTEP: Improvements to current apps, Other new and innovative apps and More of a web-based presence


Pro: The app works great for those that are new to stocks and works even better for those that are really into stocks. There is not much more you can ask for from a stock app. Bonus it works on iOS 5 out of the box with no issues.

Con: There is no con for this app. The app  not only does what it says but goes beyond that.

Cost: $19.99

Aye/Nay: This is a Aye. This app works great. Lots of features and a great interface.  $20 is worth it.

iTunes Link: Daily Stocks

By Rubens Saintel

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