Wait; what? So, let me get this clear. You want me to pay you 30% of my subscription earnings just to be in your store? Is it April 1st? Did I miss the memo or something? Well Amazon which in my option is the most creative at going around other companies tech to make a profit. We have seen them do this with the Android Market. Basically undercutting Google’s storefront by making there own and arguably better quality store. They have well they are doing it again, this time to Apple.

Amazon has created a very useable Kindle reader where you can buy your books and read them all within the Safari browser on iPad. Some space is used on your iPad so you can read the books offline without the need for an internet connection. Whisper Sync works without any issues. The browsers that are supported are Chrome and Safari. Amazon is clearly addressing subscriptions early on the Android platform by deciding to make a cloud reader for Chrome.


With this new Kindle Cloud reader Amazon is able to keep it’s customers that have iPads happy while at the same time effectively cutting Apple out of the pie. This way of doing subscription business will be the new standard going forward. Wal-Mart has also taken a similar step with its Vudu movie service. The Vudu interface looks native to the iPad. It is easy to use and streams very well. The only question is when is Netflix going to jump onto this way of running its streaming. They could save 30% and maybe drop prices a little or at least add more content. I want Leverage back.

By Rubens Saintel

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