HP TouchPad went on a fire sell over the weekend. From July to now the price has fallen from $499 to $99. They are not in the stores anymore. It is sold out on the HP website. Amazon has lowered the price but not to the drop down super cheap price of $99.

One is forced to wonder could the fate of the TouchPad ever happen to an Android based leader such as Samsung or Motorola? With the backing of Google; that does not seem to be something that will happen. Although the way Apple is suing left and right they may be hindered. Those that loved the Palm OS and was was pulling for it to make it are out off luck. Hewlett Packard is also leaving the smartphone business. That means consumer mobile products from HP is now a thing of the past.

After HP brought palm there was hope they would do better with the OS than Palm did with it. That hype was for not as it is clear the purchase has not worked out for either party or for the numerous customers that were waiting for an alternative to the norm.

By Rubens Saintel

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