Google may be preparing to take its mobile world again. They seem to be testing a Google-branded MVNO in Spain. Officially it’s unconfirmed but reports along with photos of a Google SIM card and a Nexus S running on a “Google_Es” network suggest that Google is thinking about becoming a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. It always does with Google Voice anyway. This would just be one more step. They would be a company that provides cellular service by leasing capacity from existing wireless carriers and piggybacking on their networks. The pictures are of are of Google Spain employees that got SIMS for testing.

If they do go all out with this plan that we in the tech world are all speculating on; then a Google-branded MVNO  along with Google Voice integration and add to that all the Android devices  out there. It would be a very big conflict of interest and also would make Apples closed system look wide open. Let us not forget about the Motorola  deal. This all put together would give Google great amounts of control over the user experience.  The thing is I like Google’s control systems. They still let you do what you want for the most part.

By Rubens Saintel

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