iPhone 4S is not only the must have phone this holiday but it’s also the fastest. At the moment anyway. Shipping of the phone that sold over 1 million in just 24 hours started this week. Although some lucky few already have their hands on one. The new iPhone 4S has a A5 chip inside. The same chip that is powering up the iPad 2.

One would think that would make this phone pretty fast. One would be right, some have already put Apple’s first A5-based smartphone through benchmark test. AnandTech has the results and as expected the iPhone 4S did not disappoint. The Javascript performance of the iPhone 4S has it doing very well against the Android Tegra 2 powered phones. Although not competition, iPhone 4S out performed its little brother the iPhone 4 as well.


The results of Geekbench have the iPhone 4S running at around 800MHz, with a score of 623. That is just a tad bit slower than the A5-based iPad 2, yet but much faster than the iPhone 4. The GLBenchmark 2.1 which tests GPU performance (graphics) has the iPhone 4S performing better than the Galaxy S II but not the iPad 2. The test is ran in 1280 x 720, off-screen render mode. So all things considered this is the fastest phone for now until Quad chips come out.

By Rubens Saintel

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