I know you have heard or read some bad reviews about the Amazon Kindle Fire. The thing is that it’s not as bad as its made out to be. In fact, it’s not bad at all. Although my mentor Chad Hess taught me a long time ago that perception is reality. The problem Kindle Fire has is the same problem every other device on the market will have; it’s not an iPad.

If you try to compare an apple to an orange things are just not going to add up. It’s not that the Kindle is a bad device. It has a wonderful interface, loads of apps and streaming services. The Kindle Fire has a 7″ screen so the best device for you to compare it to would be the small Samsung Galaxy Tab or the RIM Playbook. In that match up the Kindle Fire would win every time. That unfortunately is not what is happening in the press.

I will not follow suit. I held one in my hands and played with each application as well as the services. My conclusion is this; The Amazon Kindle Fire is not an iPad. The device is a great alternative to said iPad. That is how it should reviewed and thought of. It has a great custom Amazon Android operating system. The synergy between Amazon’s online store, Kindle library and the Kindle Fire device is unmatched by anything currently on the market.

The Kindle Fire is iPad’s first real competitor because it can match Apple in the services department. That is why Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom were no match for the iPad. Their devices were reliant on others for functionality. This is a flaw that makes the device seem fragmented.  Amazon’s Kindle line is selling  over 4 million units every single week. This is not a device that was built shabby in an attempt to cash in on the tablet hysteria. Amazon took its time and it shows. Plus for $199 it’s the no brainer gift idea this year.

By Rubens Saintel

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