Nielsen published a new study this week on game console usage within the US. Seems that gamers have spent notably more time streaming video to their systems than they did in last year. When you have so many options for media. It is a an easy thing to do.  You have the option of Netflix, Hulu, MLB Network, ESPN3. Xbox 360 users who have spent 14% of their time streaming video this year have even more options. They have Fios, Comcast and UFC. PlayStation 3 owners on the other hand have spent 15% streaming. Nintendo Wii users who have no games worth mention whats so ever have spent over 33% this years.

Xbox 360 users spent 34% of their time to online gaming, Wii owners spent 55%  of their time on offline gaming. So, you mean that there are people who are playing Wii games online? Who are these people and what are they are playing? PS3 players spent most of their time not surprisingly watching Blu-Ray movies.

By Rubens Saintel

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