Let’s say we have a disagreement over a trivia question. Let us go further and say that we make a wager on who is right. ­If I win this wager, I’m not going to pay you. Apple on the other hand has the money to burn and has done just that. They already gave everyone that downloaded the GameStop app that was released early by mistake a refund.

Apple has had a very long­stand­ing patent battle with Taiwan’s Elan Micro­elec­tron­ics. Elan said that Apple infringed on two of its mul­ti­touch patents. The ITC sided with Apple. The Judge said he found no infringe­ment and as such he could not put a ban on sales of iDe­vices. This is great news for Apple and one would think bad for Elan as well; one would be wrong with such thoughts. Apple is pay­ing $5 mil­lion to Elan in an out-of-court set­tle­ment. Apple will also cross-license patents with Elan. If only they would play this nice with Samsung.

By Rubens Saintel

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