Governments around the world are accused of spying on its own citizens all the time. That is old news. Enemy of the State was pretty much a window to the future of what would become The Patriot Act.  However it is always interesting when someone from the inside confirms your suspicion and reminds you that you’re not crazy. If only Mulder had such a friend early on. William Binney, a former official with the National Security Agency said that domestic surveillance in the U.S. has increased under President Obama. He goes on to say that trillions of phone calls, emails and other forms of communication messages have been intercepted by the government. Democracy Now has an interview with Mr. Binney where the official says that the government has copies of almost all emails sent and received in the United States.

Binney one of the best code breakers in NSA history. He said that after the September 11th terrorist attacks the NSA used the governments fear to start a data collection program on its own citizens.  AT&T gave over 300 million records of US citizen-to-US citizen communications to the NSA. Binney said that is just the beginning. The NSA is building a $2 billion data storage facility in Utah. That center will be able to store 100 years worth of the world’s electronic communications and then build profiles on every person referenced in that data. With everything going digital, it only makes it easier to be tapped. You could go tap someones phone now with software that is offered on the web. To think you have privacy from the government is foolish to say the least. 

By Rubens Saintel

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