It is here again. What is it? The rat race to the store to but yet another Apple iPhone. Do we need a new one? Nope. Will you go out and buy one? Most likely if you are reading this tech heavy blog; you will. I know I am. I will be one of the iSheep to be up at 3AM EST/12AM PT to preorder it from the Apple website. This year, I skipped the hype and rumors. We have a very good track record on what we think will be on these iDevices. Here is the final rundown of what we at Saintel Daily think is Fact vs. Wishful Thinking.


  • Siri will work like the ads this time. Voice works for almost everything.
  • It’s a world phone. LTE + CDMA/GSM
  • It will have the A6 chip in it.
  • It will have the same 8MP Camera
  • It will have a 4″ screen
  • iOS 6
  • Goodbye 30-pin dock connector port hello 19 Pin
  • Same battery life as iPhone 4S

Not so much

  • Siri will work without an internet connection.
  • There will also be an iPad mini on display
  • Edge-to-edge glass
  • No home button
  • NFC
  • 1GB ram

Just for fun

  • Lines around the block for the iPhone 5
  • People camping overnight for the iPhone 5
  • People drool over the LTE option even though 4G LTE phones has been on the market for a while ago.
  • People who bought the 4S within the last 6 months will sell it and repeat the first 3 things on this list. (I’m talking to you Brian Tong)

By Rubens Saintel

Proud father, #Haitian, photographer, consultant, writer & entrepreneur. I love video games, movies, plays, technology (surprise), beta testing apps and all things sci-fi. SaintelDaily.com |AppleWatch101.com | NBA101.com