It seems that research In Motion can not get a break or do much right in the new iOS/Android world. Case in point their rumored L-Series BlackBerry phone was not only leaked but filmed. Product announcements are a very big deal in the tech world. Apple says little if anything about an event. Even Microsoft goes all out. That said Apple as of late has had many accidental unveilings of its products. Remember the iPhone left at the bar? Or the number of leaks from Foxconn? RIM recently had an employee “accidentally” showed off the rumored L-Series BlackBerry phone during a BB10 demo. If that was not bad enough there was a TV crews were filming the whole thing. demoed.


The BB10 L-Series BlackBerry phone was caught on camera in Mexico by Hola Telcel. The video footage of course has already been yanked from Vimeo. However, as you know. Nothing dies on the internet. Delete online is just a synonum for relocated. Thus the video has been uploaded to YouTube.

By Rubens Saintel

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