This is not going away. So, if your name is on the much talked about “list” you should telling yourself I need a plan. Note to said people on the “list” don’t use your phone to make these plans. Major League Baseball’s lawyers have court subpoenas to Federal Express, AT&T Mobility and T-Mobile. They are trying to gain records for its investigation of players suspected of using performance-enhancing drugs. The subpoenas was issued last month on May 23. MLB sued Biogenesis of America, anti-aging clinic head Anthony Bosch and five others in Florida’s Circuit Court for Miami-Dade County.

MLB also requested call records and texts for Juan Carlos Nunez and Porter Fischer, who was affiliated with the now-closed anti-aging clinic. Bosch has agreed to cooperate with MLB’s investigation. However the MLB records backup any testimony they may get because the players’ association will challenge any discipline that comes down. Scott Fiedler, the company spokesman for FedEx said that “FedEx complies with all valid subpoenas and we are unable to comment further.” Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun and Cabrera are among the players whose names appeared in Biogenesis documents, according to various media reports. All have denied any wrongdoing.

By Rubens Saintel

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