Just in time for school a company called Noredink is here to help out with grammar. Grammar is forgotten by today’s youth who use emoji and SMS short hand. NoRedInk wants to help change that mindset for the youth. This site is a web app that ask school kids to fill in the blanks in sentences about celebrities, friends and interests. The goal is to make the learning process relevant to what is going on in their lives and fun. For the teachers there is a section for them to track students’ progress.

The site went live last year. Google Ventures and others are backing up NoRedInk by a sum of $2 million in funding. The funding will let the app to stay free to use. New grammar categories will be added every week until October. The first category is Capitalization. NoRedInk is well worth a look for parents as well as those looking to improve their grammar. If you don’t know your ‘their’ from your ‘there’ and ‘they’re’, you should sign up right away at




By Rubens Saintel

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