Are you an addict. Onavo is a site that collects data about app usage. The latest Onavo engagement data shows that more than 20% of American iPhone owners used the “Candy Crush Saga” app in July. Those that say game engagement levels are down are wrong. The 2nd highest engagement before Candy Crush Saga was 10% reached by “Words With Friends.”  We all see how long that fad lasted. “Temple Run 2″ and “Minion Rush” were each at 5%.

“Candy Crush Saga” is getting almost as much usage as Twitter (27%) and is a direct match to Snapchat (20%). “Candy Crush Saga”  is built on the match three shapes principle aka Tetris. However the player sets out on a long voyage where beating each level helps them step further on a map. This has forced normal people to become Candy Crush Saga addicts. There are achievements and for some reason people on Facebook like to send request for help. Note to people on Facebook, Stop it!





Is this where mobile games begin to challenge console games? Seriously, no. Mobile games lack the power for hard core games. A great 1st shooter on a mobile phone or tablet such as NOVA does not come close to a Call of Duty on a home system. “Candy Crush” has 20% engagement level among U.S. iPhone owners. However that does not mean it is making the big bucks.  “Clash of Clans” is still the No.1 revenue generator globally a year after it came out. The home game market is facing a hard fight with mobile devices and a whole new crop of Android mini home systems. No, mobile games now can not compete with “Call of Duty” or “Mass Effect” in terms of depth, sophistication, control or stunning visuals. But they are getting closer every year.

By Rubens Saintel

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