I’ve had Google Glass for about a month. While I will say that this is one of the coolest products in the world, it is not; I repeat NOT a must have product. Maybe in the future but not now. There are very few apps out there for it. The apps they do have do not fully take advantage of the screen. Truth be told I was ready to send mine back. Then I ran into the app Race Yourself. This app is why Google Glass was made and is a clear example of what it could be. Fitness apps, games and video conferencing seem like the perfect fit for Google Glass.

Race Yourself is a Temple Run game set in the real world thanks to augmented reality. You have an avatar to compete against at all times. It is like having a gym partner in your head. There are well over 30 game modes promised when the app is released to the public. Right now the app is in closed beta. Some of the game modes are Temple Run where you are running away from a giant bolder similar to the famed Indiana Jones movie scene and even escaping hundreds of zombies.


Race Yourself is not limited to its namesake. You will be able to do other activities that don’t involve running. The app thus far supports you can cycling and skydive and more activities are promised. Think about how exciting it would be to be cycling the Peloton in the Tour de France or skydive through virtual rings in the sky like Nights into Dreams. How cool would it be if they teamed up with Saga to have a Sonic themed game where you are Sonic the Hedgehog. If motivation for 2014 to keep your fitness regime going is a problem, Race Yourself is the solution. Pre-order crowdfunding campaign will be on the Race Yourself website later today. For now checkout the video below to see what the future of Google Glass looks like:

By Rubens Saintel

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