The Tesla Model S currently sells for around £50,000 ($85,000) in the UK. The UK government was thinking about picking up a few for its fleet. However, at £50,000 ($85,000) the purchase of Model S would be more than £17,000 ($29,000) over budget per. They might still pick them up for the long term benefits of going green. The UK wants to have at least 150 electric cars for government use. This thinking was bought on by China. The Red State mandated that 30% of its fleet must be electric.

So far the electric car is expensive and beautiful or fugly and expensive. There is no cheap or reasonable costing electric car out there for now. Tesla is working on with the Model 3.That model is not headed to production anytime soon. Unfortunately, with a budget of just £5 million ($8.5 million) to buy 150 electric cars is not likely to happen.

You would have to convince a motor company to sell you the cars are the discount of £33,000 per vehicle. Tesla Model 3 is set to be sold for $30,000 but again it is a long way from production lines. The Model S currently sells for about £50,000 ($85,000) in the UK. The BMW’s i3 is a strong competitor in terms of price since it is only £30,000. However, the Tesla has a range of 250 miles on a charge versus the 81 the BMW gets per charge.  can only go 81 miles.


The Model S we understand will be under evaluation for inclusion. It would be great to see California-built Teslas transporting Her Majesty’s ministers on official business across London. ~ Simon Sproule, Palo Alto, California-based Tesla’s spokesman

If this sale happens it will go a long way in Telsa’s goal of ramming up production over 50% this year. The right-hand-drive Teslas sales to the UK began in June. China had its launch in April and those in Hong Kong start getting cars this week.

London streets are cramped, you can’t go that fast and there are all sorts of limitations and fees for gasoline-powered vehicles, so there’s a logic to buying electric cars. It could have some halo effect for the brand if you see the cars used by the government. ~Karl Brauer, senior industry analyst for Kelley Blue Book.

By Rubens Saintel

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