What happens when a a well established company comes into your market space? They force you to innovate. Amazon Local Register is the latest attempt by the company to get more of a footing into retail outside of the website. The Amazon Fire Phone did not go over very well but neither did the Kindle the first time it came out.  Amazon  Local Register offers low flat rates and no hidden fees. You can accept credit and debit cards with pretty much any mobile phone or tablet. Just like Square there are no long-term contracts.

“Amazon Local Register has simplified, organized and improved efficiency for my business. The feature I am most impressed with is the outstanding customer support I receive any time I have a question or for whatever help I need. The reports are easy to understand and help me figure out how my business is performing.” Erin H, hair & makeup artist

Amazon Local Register also makes deposits to your bank account the next business day unlike PayPal. Amazon also gives you the added bonus of being able to spend your money at within minutes. You will have access to some powerful reports and analytics right from the right in the app. Customers who sign up before October 31 receive rate of 1.75 percent on swiped transactions until January 1, 2016

By Rubens Saintel

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