To say I travel a lot is an understatement. I travel for pleasure as well as work. I am actually in the market for a new suitcase set. I was going to just plop down the money for a Tumi ALPHA 2: Contintal Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-Onset. That is until I ran across this wonderful invention from Delsey. The Pluggage is a connected suitcase.  The suitcase can do everything from weigh itself, recharge your devices, give you the weather and so much more. The folks at Delsey have been working it for over two years. The Pluggage is not ready for prime time but it is getting closer.  Delsey has a prototype and of couse a video to go with so the masses can drool until its release. Delsey is asking for your help with selecting which features to add to the Pluggage suitcase.

What do you want on your Pluggage:

  •  Auto-weight: The accompanying app tells you how much your luggage weighs using the suitcase’s integrate scale to avoid paying extra fees.
  •  Instant battery reload: This lets you charge a phone in the absence of outlets at the airport or wherever you are.
  • Onboard detection: The app lets you know once your suitcase is on board and takes the guesswork out of whether the airline has lost your luggage… again.
  •  Inside lighting system: Interior lighting switches on when the suitcase is opened.
  •  Flight info: Entering your flight details into the app shows you the latest updates.
  • Fingerprint ID: You can choose to add a fingerprint lock as an extra layer of protection when launching the app or opening Pluggage.
  • Check lock: The app can tell you if the suitcase has been opened by someone else.
  • Weather forecast: If you’ve entered your flight info, the app can tell you the kind of weather to expect at your destination.
  • Inside speaker: You can pull out Pluggage’s hidden speaker to play your music.
  • Trip info: Lets you create departure or must-see checklists during your trip.



I’d like to place my vote right now. Dear Delsey please put all of the above into the Pluggage. You can make cast your vote of what you want in the final Pluggage buy heading to their website. Delsey is not the first with the idea of a connected suitcase. Bluesmart raised over a million dollars on Indiegogo for a similar product. However, Delsey is a well respected name in the industry so market share should not be a problem when it releases the Pluggage. At the end of the day Pluggage by Delsey is a technology packed suitcase.

By Rubens Saintel

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