PlayStation Blog says that the beta starts early next month and further details about what it actually is will be ready by then.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 is still king of the video game hill but it is starting to lose some of its luster as of late. Microsoft’s Xbox One had a better showing in the Electronic Gaming Expo also known as E3. Sony didn’t even bother showing up the recent Gamescom conference. Ever since Xbox One’s weak intro into the world it has been on a steady climb to the top. At the time of this posting Microsoft’s Xbox One has more exclusives on the way to market and there are constant updates to the operating system. The latest adds backwards compatibility and remote streaming to a Windows 10 computer. Xbox One even cost lower now at $349. Sony had to do something. What better way to make your system better than listening to your fans. I mean it worked well for Microsoft with its Xbox One Preview program.

Sony must have paid attention. It too will start to let its users beta test software and new features before releasing it into the wild. PlayStation 4 does not have a name for its version of the Xbox One Preview program just yet. It is currently taking names. Once you add your name you wait to see if you won a golden ticket to the program. I think it is a very smart idea. The last thing Sony wants is to have Microsoft take a lead in this generation. The beta program starts early next month. You can expect more details about  the program at that time.

By Rubens Saintel

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