Apple is about to announce the iPhone6S, AppleTV, iPadPro, iPadmini, iOS9 9 and watchOS2. With all that, there is no room for “One More Thing.”

 It is that time of year again where people have been holding on to their upgrades waiting to hear about the new Apple iPhone. That’s right Apple Fanboys & girls another Apple Experience the keynote. We will see a new iPhone but what is getting people really excited is that we will finally get an upgrade to Apple TV. Apple will beat Microsoft to adding voice to its system. Yes the Xbox has the Kinect but it is no Cortana. Siri in Apple TV could change the way we watch TV similarly to the way Apple changed the way we listen to music. This could be the biggest event ever. Apple is about to announce an iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, Siri-powered Apple TV, iPad Pro and iPad Mini. We should also hear about new software iOS 9 as well as watchOS 2.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

This is the “S” of the iPhone. That means nothing will change on the outside. The new iPhone 6S is going to look exactly like the iPhone 6.  However inside will have faster processor, better camera, a stronger case to protect from Bengate and the addition of Force Touch capabilities, and a stronger chassis. As a bonus we might even get a new colors for the iPhone.

Apple TV

This is pretty much a sure thing. We have been waiting years for a an update to the Apple TV. It seems that Apple will finally give customers what we have been asking for. The new Apple TV will have Siri. Siri capabilities and a new touchpad remote won’t be enough to pull loyalist away from Amazon Fire, Google ChromeCast or Roku. Apple’s going to have to be gaming console and upgrade that horrible interface.

iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro and iPad Mini are things that Steve Jobs would have never done. In fact Steve Jobs said Apple would never make a 7″ tablet. Clearly that has changed and it looks like it is changing again. ForceTouch and  multitasking combined with the new iOS 9 will work well on a 12.9-inch screen. The iPad Pro will be geared at enterprise customers. Apple has will not bundle the iPad Pro with the new Force Touch-integrated iPad stylus or a keyboard. You will have to buy those on your own.

iPad Mini 4

The iPad Mini on the other hand will get some affection this year. It already has Touch ID and hopefully will get a thinner frame. The iPad Mini will get a faster processor and a better camera. Then again Apple might end iPad Mini line entirely.