The new Batman trailer from Warner Bros. is a three-minute clip of goodness. There is a lot to expect but even more than that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice seems like it is going to be a bio for the start of the Justice League. So those folks at Warner Bros. were very creative and literal with the title Dawn of Justice. Clark Kent meeting Bruce Wayne turned awkward very fast. The tension on screen is very powerful. This is where I take a pause.

As smart as Batman is, you mean to tell me he can not tell that Clark Kent is Superman just without glasses? Anyway, Lex Luthor, played by Jesse Eisenberg somehow gets the two superheroes to go at each other. The movie premieres on March 25th. I for one can not wait! If for nothing else, to see how Doomsday is portrayed in the movie. The brand new Batman v. Superman trailer follows below.