Well this was unexpected. Seems that Apple has started announcing events via Siri. Not sure if this was an easter egg or a sign of things to come. What we found from out from Siri is that Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) will be taking place on June 13th. At the time of the leak the Apple website had not been updated with any new info. Apple has since confirmed the following. Like previous years, WWDC will take place in San Francisco. The event will run from June 13th until June 17th. Tickets cost $1,599, you must obviously be a developer and remember tickets are offered at random among people who register for the event. Apple’s dedicated WWDC site is now live with more details and a strange poem about Apple’s products.


What can you expect from WWDC this year?

Apple will announce the future of its software. You will get an onstage demo of iOS 10. I’m calling it now, OSX will be rebranded macOS. If we are lucky will get new hardware as well. Maybe a Apple IIe with iMac insides to keep the trend of the iPhone SE going. However this is only a hope as WWDC is not normally the place where Apple shows off new hardware. Look for hardware such as the iPhone 7 in September.

By Rubens Saintel

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