cota station

Ossia’s upcoming charging device delivers electricity much like how a router transmits data. Cota wirelessly powers multiple devices via adapters or built-in receivers as you move around a room. A mobile app lets you monitor connected devices.

The Cota power base is not that big. It is about the size of a flower pot. When a device comes into the room Cota senses its location and begins to charge through the air. Now keep in mind just like ethernet is faster than wi-fi; wireless charging is slower than a traditional cable. The trick is you will have constant power with multiple base stations around your house or office.  near your desk and another near the living room, you’re getting constant power.

The way the technology works is that the base is constantly sending out a signal. It is looking for the radio receiver in your phone case or a battery adapter. Only when the adapter is found does the base start sending out power. Cota has the technology so locked down that power is sent only to within a few centimeters of the receiver, adapter or AA batteries adapter. This would mean that you will never again have to hear that horrible buzzing from your smoke detector or have to replace your remote control batteries.