Apple WWDC is not about the hardware. It is about the software that makes the future hardware work. As expected the reactions about the keynote was mixed. Some were disappointed because they seem to always forget that fact. All the rumors were right but there were still some surprises. Here are just a few highlights. Watch the video for a full recap.


Apple’s been looking for a way to make itself a leader again. Something it has not been for a while now. Ever since Steve Jobs left us. Is one say to do that is with the a Mac operating system name update? I don’t think so. After 15 years the name of the operating system is now MacOS.  Now it is in line with the other OS in the family. iOS on iPhones and iPads, watchOS on Apple Watches and TvOS on the AppleTV. This time around MacOS  will add Sierra to the end. So that part of naming will remain the same.


I’m not going to lie. I loved my Apple Watch when I got it. I still put it on everyday but honestly don’t use any stock apps except for Pillow and Pedometer++ app.  Apple smartwatch has been released for just over year and it is still as slow as Windows 95 boot up screen. watchOS 3 is set to change all that. This refresh to the operating system will add groundbreaking new functionality to the wearable. Seems Apple has heard our complaints and listened. That does not sound like Apple at all but then again, Apple has not been Apple in a long time.


By Rubens Saintel

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