Pixar has come a long way to get to Finding Dory. Almost every picture that Pixar has released has been blockbuster magic. The studio’s films are the gold standard that other animated movies are measured. Its’ only fitting that they are owned by Disney. From the moment Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. hit the big screen they have not looked back. We will not count that The Good Dinosaur movie. It is very hard to keep up such great quality year in and year out without at least one stumbling or trip. The difference is while other studios like the folks behind Minions have stepped up their game; they are still not in the same conversation. That said Pixar has not has a game-changing movie since Toy Story’s release in 1995.

The folks at Burger Fiction put together a supercut of every Pixar movie and the shorts. The supercut starts at the beginning with 1984’s The Adventures of Andre and Wally B and ends with Finding Dory. The full supercut is embedded below and it runs just over 14 minutes long.

By Rubens Saintel

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