If you are like most people who have tried to get a ticket to a broadway play or a pretty much any big event you have failed. It was not even your fault. You can blame technology for the failure. I mean you were on the site, you had finger on the buy button just waiting for the moment tickets went on sale. Somehow they were sold out in just a blink of an eye. It’s not due to your slow reflexes, you actually never even stood a chance. The tickets you had your hopes set on were snapped up by bots. This is not something new. In fact one bots bought 1,012 Madison Square Garden U2 tickets in less than a minute. This is great for the venue and artist but horrible for the fans. New York has had enough of this shady business. Scalpers who exploit such software will now face criminal, class A misdemeanor charges. That means scalpers who use bots can be fined or even serve jail time.

“New Yorkers have been dealing with this frustrating ticket buying experience for too long,” says state assembly member Marcos Crespie.


It was always illegal to use bots but now instead of civil sanctions they are a criminal act. So, New York 1st State to Make Ticket-Buying Bots Illegal, Again in a way. After a long three-year investigation by NY attorney general Eric. T. Schneiderman. It was discovered that the practice was so widespread that this action may not be enough to stop the act.  Maybe we will actually be able to get reasonably priced Hamilton tickets.

By Rubens Saintel

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