Procreate  is an Apple Design Award winner and an App Store Essential app. The app is designed to work with your iPhone or iPad. This powerful sketching, painting and illustration will help any artist create beautiful sketches, paintings or illustrations. There is an advanced layer system.

Apple is offering Procreate free via its Apple Store app. The very popular sketching app Procreate is a “must-have” for any artists or those that are enthusiasts. While this great app is free. It is not in the app store for free. You have to go through some hoops. However it is worth it. Below are the simple steps to get the app.

In order to download your free download of Procreate:

  1. Download the Apple Store app (not the same as the AppStore)
  2. In the Apple Store app click the  “Stores” tab in the bottom menu bar
  3. Scroll down until you see the iPhone Upgrade Program
  4. Swipe left until you see the Procreate banner.
  5. Click the green download

procrate free

Pro: Procreate has exclusive dual-texture brushes. The app is very responsive, supports high-resolution canvases. Oh, and it’s free.

Con: This is the iPhone version not the full fledged iPad. The deal is limited to those that hunt for it and it. The deal expires on July 28th.

Cost: Free

Aye/Nay: This is a Aye. This is a very well designed app. It works well with your Apple pencil. Even the iPhone version is feature rich. Download it now, it’s worth it.

iTunes Link: Read Above