What could be the next best thing to watching the NBA in person? If you said VR, you would be right. The NBA has partnered with NextVR to bring Basketball to Google’s VR platform. However is not where it stops. NextVR’s NBA virtual reality coverage is also on Samsung Gear VR. Right now you can watch live broadcasts on Google’s Daydream platform in Canada, the UK, Germany and Australia. Don’t too excited though. All that means is with NBA League Pass you can see one live game per week in VR. The cool thing is you can even use the affordable Cardboard headsets out there. Sometimes the screen can get very pixilated. However VR takes a lot of bandwidth to work; so this is not surprising. It is still worth picking up if you already have NBA League Pass. NextVR’s works with Samsung, Daydream View, Gear VR headset or Google Pixel phone.