We knew it was coming but it still feels good for Android fans out there to finally have Nintendo’s Mario Run. The game aside from being highly addictive is the first mobile Mario game on Android. Super Mario Run is available to download now from the Google Play Store. Just like the iOS version you can only play the first three levels for free before it will cost you. You’ll have to pay a one-time $10 fee to unlock the whole game.

If you have somehow been living under a rock. The game Super Mario Run is a platforming game where Mario runs on his own. It’s a pretty easy game to play. Mario jumps over obstacles automatically without any interaction from the player. Players simply tap on the screen to collect coins and of course jump on the heads of Koopas. When Super Mario Run originally debuted on iOS in December it was an instant hit. It jumped to the top of the download and grossing charts right away. The only thing people didn’t like about the Nintendo’s Super Mario Run was the $10 price it forced you to pay to play. Many people would have prefered microtransactions.