This is hilarious, and honestly, what did the Trump Administration think was going to happen?  What now, you ask? Yesterday the Department of Homeland Security launched an hotline for people to call in and report illegal aliens.  What do you think happened immediately?  It got trolled.  Instead of reporting people who had entered the country illegally, people were reporting actual aliens.  Further to reporting the illegal aliens, the hotline is also intended to assist people who have been victimized by crimes committed by the aliens.  Huh?

I’m scratching my head a bit because there are law enforcement channels for both of these right?  I mean, there’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and you can report crimes to your local police.  So, what is this hot line even doing?  Is it going to then provide the information to the local authorities and ICE?  And to what end?  If you’re going to report someone, why don’t you report them to the local police period?  And let them notify the proper authorities?

Let’s take this one step further.  This hotline is presumably anonymous.  So what’s stopping someone from calling in and getting the authorities to investigate their neighbour?  There are certainly people in the world who think that having a different skin colour is a bad thing.  So would this hotline give them some ammunition to hurl false accusations?  I’d like to think that people are better than that, but I sadly know the truth.  I don’t see this as a way to actually report the illegal aliens.  But rather it’s a system that promotes racism and ignorance.  Instead of coming up with ways to actually do the job.

I might not be the best person to write on this topic as I have a soft spot when it comes to helping people in need.  Canada has been taking in many refugees both fleeing their home countries, as well as some leaving the United States.  Yes, there are rules around whether or not these people can stay in the country.  But what has been heart warming to me is the way that these refugees are being treated.  Local law enforcement agencies are meeting them at the borders, but they are treating them with kindness and compassion.  I know that some people don’t agree with this, but what else would they do?  Grab the mother who is holding an infant in her arms, in -35 degree weather and throw her to the ground?

I’m also not suggesting that everyone that comes into the country as a refugee is a saint.  But they have left their situations for a reason.  There was something so terrible in their home country that they had to leave.  I would make the argument that many people wouldn’t want to leave their home.  Especially when it’s in ruins as is the case with some of the refugees coming to Canada.  I don’t think that the answer is this hot line.  And honestly, I think it’s hilarious that it’s getting trolled.  What do you expect Donald Trump?  The people who voted for you are going to go and look for the illegal aliens.  And probably not find them.  And the people who didn’t vote for you are going to poke holes in your systems and arguments because they don’t agree with you.

By Staff Writer

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