If you bought a MacBook last year, are you annoyed that Apple has announced a major MacBook update?  It sounds like some people are.  Why?  Because it seems that Apple redesigned the MacBook.  Or have they?  If so, this is good news for Apple, and anyone who is interested in purchasing a MacBook. The big update to the MacBook is the change of processor.  Now using Intel’s “Kaby Lake”, which is intended to boost speed and battery life.  All good things, in my opinion.

The update also includes increased performance by doubling the amount of memory up to 16 GB.  But only if you can afford it.  The big update however is around the processing capabilities.  Kaby Lake is actually not that big of an upgrade over Intel’s previous generation of processors.  It is an improvement, but maybe not to the extent you think it will be.  It does work more smoothly with 4K video, but because the MacBook’s display isn’t that sharp, most people won’t notice this improvement.  Why am I noting some of these not so great features?  Well, for everyone out there moaning that they were screwed over by this update, they weren’t.

Yes, there are improvements to the system itself.  But marginal improvements at best.  Further, the price is still kind of costly for what you are getting if you ask me.  I am willing to pay for quality, but MacBooks are kind of over priced.  Is there a benefit to owning a MacBook?  Of course, but you have to ask yourself what the worth is at a cost of around $1200.

The new MacBooks are available to ship as of yesterday.  But will you be buying one?  I myself am in the market for a new laptop.  I haven’t landed on a MacBook just yet, but that doesn’t mean I won’t.  It also doesn’t mean I will.  I would love to get one, but for $1200, I can buy two laptops by another manufacturer.  Are they as good?  That’s debatable.  They run on different platforms and they are geared towards different audiences for the most part.  As someone who is in the market for a new laptop, will this update persuade me to buy a MacBook?  If I’m being honest, no.  Why?  Because there isn’t much to the update.  If I’m only getting marginally faster speeds, why am I investing more money into it?

I personally like to see grand scale updates.  Like almost all of the other updates announced at WWDC yesterday.  Think about how this MacBook update fails in comparison to the iMac Pro.  Sure, Apple doesn’t have to have a major update to every platform every single year, but as I’ve said a hundred times – this is how you stay competitive.  People don’t want to waste their hard earned money.  People want the latest and the greatest.  But in this case, it’s not the greatest.  Marginally increased processing power isn’t going to make me want to go out and buy the latest MacBook.  You can do better Apple.  You have been!  Why not with the MacBook also?


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