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So yesterday my internet went out. After just a small bit of panicking. I called Comcast to find out what was going. I was informed by an automated voice that there was a known issue with the area. The machine conveniently gave me an option to leave my number for a call back when everything was working again. After two hours though. I needed something to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon. It was either nap or Netflix. So after my nap. 🙂

I got online with my laptop using my phone. HTC has a program called Wi-Fi Router that you can get with any rom on XDA-Developers. So yes your Windows Mobile Phone needs to be in a since jailbroken.

What do you need:
Any Windows mobile phone 6.5 or higher
Any ROM from XDA-Developers
Wi-Fi Router if the ROM you downloaded did not have it
Netflix subscription

The buffer takes a little bit but once it does reach 100% it does not go off at all. Happy watching

By Rubens Saintel

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