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I don’t do a lot of reviews for products because most are just not worth the cost. This is an exception. Being part of the “Reverse Engineering” crowd. I get to try alot of apps. Wi-Fi Sync has been out for a little while but since switching to iPad I tend to focus on those apps exclusively. Well Wi-Fi Sync is now available for Windows and iPad. Before it was just the Mac.

This app is well worth the $9.99 price tag. It may even be worth way more. I do not understand how Apple could not have approved this unless of course it plans to add this feature in a future release of iPhone OS.

Wi-Fi Sync enables wireless syncing with iTunes at the touch of a button. Never go looking for that USB cable again. Sync from the car, bed or shed whenever it suits you. Well so the description says. But you are limited to the range of your wi-fi network. Now if you could sync from over the Internet using port forwarding that would really be nice. Also the syncing does work as it states. It syncs music, apps, photos, contacts, calendars, email accounts and pretty much anything that you can with the USB cable. The speed of this transfer is all dependent of the speed of your network. Recommend you get a N router if you don’t already have one.

Bottom line get this app, use it, love it. **Note must have your iDevice jailbroken***

Maker of this app is @flukes1

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By Rubens Saintel

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