Last night a friend and I both went to the Zipcar monthly party. It is a party setup to thank members of the program and try to get new ones. If you don’t know what Zipcar is, here is the short end of the company. They rent out cars but by the hour. You can get pretty much any car you want for 8. BMW’s and high end cars are 12. The cars are parked all over the city. In my case DC but they are in other cities as well.

So I make it to this invite only party ready for a hella good time. I mean how can you go wrong with an open bar? The event location was the rooftop of a ultra hip apartment complex in the heart of DC. The lobby looked like something off a Jay-Z video shoot. The one with Amil and Mac to be precise. Throw your hands up… Sorry flashback. Up on the roof I was hit with the stark fact this was no hip party but a ploy to meet my non member friend. There were about 20 people there all in the mid 30’s early 40’s, maybe 5 were in the 20’s but acted older so it didn’t matter.

I grabbed my Pino. That’s right party people cheese and wine. (insert Boondocks joke here) The view was very nice. You could see DC from all angles. FYI. The Washington Monument is due for a clean up. It looked dirty grey. Everyone was in pairs like sheep to the ark. I sat down and pulled my iPad from my man leather man purse. (don’t judge me, it was a gift) The looks started right away so I am told. I was too into ESPN XL to noticed. By the time I made it to Daily Edition, I had gotten asked the same 3 questions so many times I thought about writing my answers in Pages then just holding the iPad up. The questions were; is that an iPad, do you like it, do you have a card. Yes to all three. Although I ran out of cards later on. I did manage to get 4 numbers from some lovely ladies that could pass for late 20’s.

So what is the point? Simple, the iPad is still a fad. People don’t understand what it is just yet so there will be questions and they will be thrown at you. It’s not like the iPhone where it’s used to make calls or the iTouch used for music. Those things have a main purpose. The iPad sits on it’s own for now as a novelty waiting to be excepted into the mainstream. Until then enjoy the attention.

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By Rubens Saintel

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